Responders on third Morocco deployment cover over 850 km to meet the needs of local people

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Posted by Laura Butlin 25th January 2024 News

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In our most recent response in Morocco, REACT Responders, worked with Taskforce Kiwi volunteers, to source and distribute emergency food packages and blankets to communities in need. The focus of this deployment was once again on villages in the High Atlas Mountains, where the impact of the September earthquake is still evident.

Emergency food distribution

Our team of four REACT Responders and two Taskforce Kiwi Volunteers deployed to Morocco on Saturday 13th January. Working with local partners to assess the immediate needs of local communities, the team sourced and distributed 516 emergency family food packs to 17 villages. Each pack will feed a family of five people, for up to four weeks. Costing £16.50 each, they contain essential items including beans, grains, tea and hand soap.

Each emergency food pack contains:

  • 1kg Lentils
  • 1kg Haricot beans
  • 1kg Rice
  • 1kg Fava beans
  • 1kg Barley
  • 1kg Cous cous
  • 10kg Flour
  • 2l Table oil
  • 500g Green tea
  • 2 packets of sugar
  • 2 bars of hand soap
Talatine 02.jpeg

REACT Responders and Taskforce Kiwi volunteers worked together to distribute the food packages

Warm blankets for winter in Adouz

A needs assessment was conducted on a visit to the village of Adouz, where the team distributed 65 blankets to 193 villagers, contributing to the wellbeing of the community. The village has made progress since the team last visited - having relocated to a new area of land. The incredible people who live here are showing great signs of recovery, but the journey towards development and home rebuilding is ongoing.

Task Force Kiwi unloading much needed blankets for affected populations in the High Atlas Mountains.jpeg

Jenny from Taskforce Kiwi unloading blankets ready for distribution in Adouz

Water Reservoir Rehabilitation in Tinitine

The village of Tinitine, close to Imlil, faced a pressing issue with a damaged water reservoir following the earthquake. Approximately 300 people have been left with limited access to water, posing a health risk, particularly with the approaching drier summer climate. Our team assessed the reservoir, collaborated with residents and initiated a plan to construct a replacement reservoir. Before leaving Morocco, Responders purchased the necessary supplies and left the project in the capable hands of Youssef. The work has commenced and we will share more information as it progresses.

Youssef unloading 300m of water piping for the village of Alfalkou (Annfarkou) 02.jpeg

Youssef unloading 300m of pipe, purchased for the construction of the new reservoir