A highly trained, rapid response force

Our Mission

Direct humanitarian action, in the fastest time, for those hardest to reach and most vulnerable.

Who we are

REACT is an emergency and crisis response charity, operating in the UK and overseas.

We repurpose the hard-earned skills and experience of military veterans and turn them into exceptionally agile and resilient humanitarians, capable of rapidly deploying when people need immediate and urgent relief.


What we do

We provide humanitarian action when it’s needed most, protecting the vulnerable and supporting critical infrastructure and frontline services.

REACT specialises in high-tempo, dynamic and complex emergencies and crises, deploying our highly trained Response Teams in the field and on the ground where they can make the greatest difference.

REACT Responders apply military expertise in planning and problem-solving, collaborating with humanitarian partners to rapidly develop and share situational awareness, identify critical gaps in the response and fill those gaps in the fastest time possible with the most effective solutions.

REACT Responders are trained to quickly and accurately assess complex situations and maintain dynamic situational awareness, constantly evolving our understanding so that we can adapt to changing needs in real time.
From our situational awareness, we develop a reliable common operating picture that prioritises needs, identifies gaps and forecasts threats. We share this through our liaison network, driving multi-agency collaboration and providing strategic scenario planning and incident management.
We work across the supply chain to provide logistical support, improve efficiency and solve problems in distribution that prevent humanitarian aid reaching those who need it, when they most need it.
REACT Responders specialise in high tempo, high risk environments, mobilising and deploying at short notice to operate independently or as surge capability. After crises, we train communities and organisations to strengthen their coping capacity and increase their resilience.

Our People


REACT Responders have been stress-tested under the most demanding conditions and trained for the most challenging environments.

Most are military veterans, many come from blue light services; others are simply people with a burning desire to make a real difference.

All are humanitarians.

Our people already possess the compassion, grit, resilience and unshakeable determination to save lives and alleviate suffering in the worst situations. We put them through our rigorous selection process, adding to their skills and experience with scenario-based humanitarian training, producing some of the finest emergency and crisis response teams in the world.

REACT Responders have earned their reputation through international deployments to major natural disasters and on emergency operations in the UK, including playing an integral role in the response to COVID-19.


Our Values

Our values aren’t words. They’re the commandments that drive our decisions, actions and behaviours.

Humanitarian first. Whatever our background or role, we are humanitarians and those principles guide every decision and action.

Courage and humility. Moral courage always; we do the right thing for all people without exception.

Trust and be trustworthy. We act with integrity, we give trust to build trust and drive collaboration at all levels.

Walk towards danger.  We have a bias for action. We train hard, prepare well, and mitigate risks so we can move fast and lean into the problem to address critical unmet needs.

Selfless commitment. We possess the grit and tenacity to persevere through adversity and we put the needs of others ahead of our own.

Humanitarian Principles

Along with our values, we are guided by humanitarian principles:

Humanity. Human suffering must be prevented and alleviated wherever it is found. The purpose of humanitarian action is to protect human life and health and to ensure respect and dignity for all.

Neutrality. Humanitarian actors must not take sides in hostilities or engage in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature.

Impartiality. Humanitarian actions must be based on need alone, giving priority to the most urgent cases of distress, and with no distinctions made on the basis of nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, religious beliefs or political opinions.

Independence. Whilst subject to international and local laws wherever they operate, humanitarian actors must remain autonomous from political, economic, military or other objectives and influences.

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