How are you funded?

We are funded by donations from the general public and our loyal corporate partners. Without them, RE:ACT would not exist.

Where do you deploy?

Wherever disaster strikes. Since 2015, we have deployed internationally to Australia, Nepal, The Bahamas, Mozambique and Indonesia, as well as domestically in the UK in response to Covid-19 and flooding in Yorkshire.

How do you decide if you'll deploy?

We aim to deploy to the hardest to reach disaster zones to deliver critical life support to the most isolated communities that may otherwise not receive help. We believe that no disaster should discriminate so we go where help is hardest to reach or most in need.

Do you have to be a veteran to join?

No. Although a large majority of our volunteers are veterans, we welcome everyone from any background. What matters to us is who you are, not what you’ve done.

Do you have to be resident in the UK to volunteer?

No, a number of our volunteers are based overseas. However, all our training takes place in the UK and we deploy from our HQ in Wiltshire so you would need to be able to travel here at short notice.

How long does your training take?

We offer 3 training courses. Our Induction Course lasts 2 days and trains you to respond to disasters in the UK. Our International Operations Course lasts 5 days and trains you to respond to disasters overseas. Our Operational Leadership Course is also 5 days and enables you to lead a volunteer team both in the UK and internationally. Currently, these all take place at our HQ in Wiltshire but we constantly review the time commitments required for our training and are making more use of online resources.

Are your training courses accredited?

Not yet! We are aiming to become accredited within the next year. 

If I become a volunteer, do I have to deploy internationally?

No. You can deploy in the UK-only if you would prefer not to leave home soil.

Do I have to pay for your training?

No. If you are generous enough to commit your time to volunteering with us we will train you to become one of our volunteers – we’ll even feed you whilst you complete your training with us!

Are you affiliated with any other humanitarian organisations?

We regularly work alongside organisations that lead the disaster response in the countries we deploy to. In the past, we have worked alongside a number of different organisations including CDEMA, UN OCHA, ACT and The World Food Programme, and continue to maintain relationships with them.

How do I donate?

You can make a one-off donation or set up regular donations via our website. If you want to fundraise for us, you can set up a Just Giving page.

Do my donations qualify for Gift Aid?

Your donation qualifies for Gift Aid if you pay tax in the UK and have signed the Gift Aid declaration. Every £1 that you donate with Gift Aid is worth £1.25 to RE:ACT at no extra cost to you. Gift Aid recovered by RE:ACT is not subject to fund restrictions