Would you like to join REACT and be part of something special? Whether you apply for one of our paid roles or choose to help us with our voluntary opportunities, we are always on the lookout for talented, compassionate individuals to join us in our mission to reduce human suffering.

As humanitarians, we don’t always know where we will be needed, when or by whom, but our work has a huge impact when disasters and emergencies strike. This means we need a pool of trained, committed and like-minded people who are ready to get involved, sometimes at short notice.

Our Responder volunteers receive intensive training to react to emergencies and disasters both here in the UK and internationally. Examples of our UK work include assisting in flooded areas, welfare checks on individuals following power outages after storms or helping to support the NHS during periods of unusual pressure. Our international work can involve helping people affected by earthquakes or tsunamis, getting aid to people in hard-to-reach places, enabling people to access clean drinking water and much more. 

Recently, our Responders have been involved in ensuring essential aid and resources to the people of Ukraine, working across the UK and in the Ukraine and neighbouring countries to achieve this.

We are a people-focussed charity but a people charity, providing agile, positive and skilled individuals to quickly assess situations and take action to ensure people receive the help they need, working with other agencies to achieve this.

Many of our Responders are veterans or have worked in blue light services because their skills suit this type of role, but we welcome people from all backgrounds.

If you are interested in becoming a Responder, click here to see whether you may be suited to the role.

If you decide you have what it takes, the next step would be to register and complete our online Foundation Course which will take 2 – 3 hours, and which is packed with information about who we are and what our work entails.

You will then be asked to book a short informal on-line interview with a Regional Manager, followed by a half-day virtual selection workshop, to ensure you are a great fit to join REACT, and so you have all the information you need to ensure your best chance of success on your journey to become a REACT Responder.


To join our team of volunteers, click to register and take our foundation course

We have a small but dynamic head office team, as most of our work is done through our volunteers, however when do have vacancies they are advertised on our website and public job sites. If you are looking for a paid opportunity, we also have a bank of paid workers who are called on when there are opportunities available via our trading arm REACT Solutions.  For paid roles, we offer market rate (or above) salaries, with a pension and a flexible/hybrid way of working.


See what paid vacancies we currently have available

How ever you get involved to help us make a real difference you will, in return: 

  •   Meet new, like-minded and interesting people
  •   Gain valuable skills and experiences
  •   Increase your confidence and self-esteem
  •   Improve your mental and physical wellbeing
  •   Discover a real sense of community, purpose and identity
  •   Benefit from local support and contacts
  •   Do good and feel positive

We hope to welcome you to REACT very soon.