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Rapid emergency response

RE:ACT is a humanitarian charity that rapidly responds to disasters and emergencies in the UK and overseas, deploying our highly trained RE:ACT Response Teams as soon as disaster strikes.



Helping to meet the critical needs of Afghan evacuees in the UK

RE:ACT is working in collaboration with partner organisations to support the critical needs of thousands of evacuees from Afghanistan.

Since 29 August, over 50 RE:ACT volunteers have been supporting the coordination and distribution of donated aid in London, the South East and West Yorkshire, to ensure essential items reach those who need them.

So far, in over 15 locations across London, RE:ACT volunteers have directly supported over 8,000 refugees and helped to manage and distribute approximately 60 tonnes of aid. RE:ACT is also supporting refugees in Oxford, Luton and Leeds.

Thanks to the generosity of the public there is enough donated aid to meet the needs of the families who fled from Afghanistan to the UK. RE:ACT is using its logistical expertise to urgently prioritise and distribute that aid.

Please help to keep our teams on the ground to provide essential support by donating today.


COVID-19 Emergency Response

449 days on operation

Proud to support the nation

In March 2020, RE:ACT launched Op RE:ACT; our response to Covid-19 in the UK. Using our skills and knowledge from responding to complex disasters overseas, we worked in tandem with the voluntary sector, military and emergency services, supporting the most vulnerable people in need and bolstering under pressure frontline services.

With the emergency phase of the UK's Covid response over, Op RE:ACT ended in June 2021, after 449 days on continuous deployment. Find out all about our work and the difference we helped to make.


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