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Help us support the hardest to reach and most vulnerable people uprooted by conflict.

Guided by the humanitarian principles of neutrality, impartiality, humanity, and independence, RE:ACT response teams are at the forefront of efforts to provide urgent relief to the Ukrainian people. Our volunteers are on the ground working hard in Eastern Europe and the UK. We need your support to continue our efforts at pace


Action in crisis

Rapid emergency response

RE:ACT is a humanitarian charity that rapidly responds to disasters and emergencies in the UK and overseas, deploying our highly trained RE:ACT Response Teams as soon as disaster strikes.


COVID-19 Emergency Response

449 days on operation

Proud to support the nation

In March 2020, RE:ACT launched Op RE:ACT; our response to Covid-19 in the UK. Using our skills and knowledge from responding to complex disasters overseas, we worked in tandem with the voluntary sector, military and emergency services, supporting the most vulnerable people in need and bolstering under pressure frontline services.

With the emergency phase of the UK's Covid response over, Op RE:ACT ended in June 2021, after 449 days on continuous deployment, but we have continued to provide support to help meet critical needs. Find out all about our work and the difference we've made.


Help those suffering because of crisis

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