We provide humanitarian action for the hardest-to-reach and most vulnerable.

REACT Disaster Response is a disaster and crisis response charity, operating both in the UK and overseas. Established in 2015, teams of volunteer REACT Responders have the skills and training to rapidly identify and meet critical needs, helping people and communities affected by sudden or unexpected events.

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Response Teams are preparing to deploy once again to Ukraine. Whilst the country marks the second anniversary of the start of the conflict, Responders are getting ready to provide further Incident Management Training to our partners Ukrainian Education Platform and a host of local organisations and volunteers who work and live close to the contact line. On the last deployment, teams delivered the programme to 92 people. It focuses on trauma medicine and skills and techniques that can save lives in the event of a catastrophic bleed or injury. 


We continue to monitor the evolving situation, gaining increased understanding and awareness about our capability to support potential operational partners in situ. We have now had specific conversations with four potential partners – two within the UN system and two International NGOs. Conversations at this time are focussing on where REACT may be able to add immediate-term strategic support. Our thanks to REACT Responder Chris Rose, who is travelling in the Middle East and has been able to facilitate communications.


A Response Team returned from Morocco in January, after distributing emergency food supplies to communities in the High Atlas Mountains. The team were joined by two volunteers from partner organisation Taskforce Kiwi, who worked with our Responders to distribute supplies to those still in need, in the wake of September's earthquake. 

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