A word from our Chief of People, Jane Pound on IWD 2022

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Posted by Jane Pound 08th March 2022 Opinion

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On this International Women’s Day, I am proud that as a growing humanitarian charity at home and abroad, we continue to take action to ensure that we are part of the solution to gender inequality.

Through a range of escalating worldwide crises of Covid-19, conflict and climate change we know that humanitarian needs are growing generally and exacting a terrible toll on the lives of women and girls who are less able to access essential services and to have their voice heard. 

Dr Natalia Kanem, Executive Director of UNFPA said in 2021:

“The rights and needs of women and girls affected by humanitarian crises must be prioritised as we work together to leave no one behind.” 

This resonates so closely with our core mission and remains true today. We have all been moved and spurred into action by the pictures of women and children leaving their homes and families in the current conflict in Ukraine to safety outside of their borders, but into uncertain futures as new refugees.

The past two years have shown more than ever how our charity sector can play an essential role supporting communities in crisis with urgent response and care where it’s needed most.

This is why we’re so determined to grow not only our capability as an organisation as our remit expands at home and abroad but to grow our diversity within RE:ACT.

We know that representation really matters; the greatest loss of psychological safety comes from not being heard or understood. The diversity of our people really matters, it brings ideas, innovation and diversity of thought to our decision making. 

This is why this year, I am especially proud that as part of our plan for growth we will have three women in key leadership positions to help us fulfil our ambition to #breakthebias. I joined RE:ACT in February 2022 in the newly created Chief of People role. Working close to and seeing the direct contribution of fantastic people to organisational purposes is really important to me, so I am really excited to join the RE:ACT team.

In April we will be welcoming Jade Rolph, our new Director of Fundraising & Partnerships, and in May, Bridgette Jones, our new Chief Finance Officer.  These are decisions and appointments that have come about naturally through an innate culture within RE:ACT, whereby roles are filled and abilities celebrated based purely on fact and are unshaken by any kind of sexual or racial bias.