Incubators on their way to Ukraine thanks to generous donors

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Posted by Laura Butlin 25th January 2024 News

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In the Ukrainian conflict, a disturbing pattern has been observed: the rate of premature births has risen sharply. Dr. Vasyl Husak, the Head of a major hospital in the conflict zone, reports a jump in premature births from 7% to 11%, with a corresponding increase in neonatal intensive care admissions. This trend is attributed not only to the physical dangers of war but also to the severe stress experienced by expectant mothers, leading to more early deliveries.

REACT Disaster Response and the Ukrainian Medical Association of the UK (UMAUK) have been actively working to provide vital medical supplies to Ukraine since 2022, including these life-saving incubators. Last year, a significant shipment of 7.5 tonnes of medical equipment was transported over 5,000 miles from the UK to healthcare facilities in Ukraine, offering crucial and potentially lifesaving support amidst the chaos.

The journey of these incubators began with an extraordinary act of collaboration and timely action. Having previously dispatched a 4x4 filled with vital supplies to Ukraine, the Bishop's Waltham Rotary Club found itself uniquely positioned to extend its helping hand further. Through connections established with the Ukraine Medical Association in the UK (UMAK) and British Ukrainian Aid (BUA) and a meeting with the Hampshire Medical Fund, the Rotary Club secured five fully serviceable incubators from the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust, which are set to be replaced with new units.

As REACT continues to partner with organisations like UMAUK and BUA, the journey of these incubators from the UK to Ukraine marks a significant step in supporting the Ukrainian health sector, which was heavily impacted by the conflict. With an estimated $2.5 billion in damages and a projected $16.4 billion needed for reconstruction over the next decade, every contribution becomes vital to the recovery process.