RE:ACT volunteers do their fair share in Plymouth

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Posted by Robert Cole 24th May 2022 News Fundraising

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RE:ACT’s highly skilled responders continue to be in demand across the UK as the charity rapidly grows its domestic network.

One of the latest deployments was in the Plymouth area, where our volunteers have helped the food redistribution charity FareShare South West to deliver thousands of meals to deprived communities in Devon and Cornwall.

FareShare recently opened a new surplus food warehouse in the city, which they say will enable them to deliver more than one million meals per year, saving 420 tonnes of surplus food from going to waste.

During the RE:ACT team’s 30-day deployment, they were involved in the processing and delivery of 62.69 tonnes of food – equivalent to 156,429 meals!

They worked a total of 662 hours – 72 full volunteer days.

The RE:ACT team were Rich McSweeney, Eamonn Coffey, Mac McMenemy, Mark Atton, Alan Crocker, Luke Winston, Mike Court, Charles Gabriel, John Samuleson, and Paul Williams.

Mac McMenemy and Charles Gabriel received certificates of appreciation after completing 150 and 100 hours, respectively, during the operation.

Luke Cox, RE:ACT’s UK Operations Manager, is delighted with the success of the FareShare mission.

“This was truly a job well done. We have received huge thanks and praise from FareShare. We’re delighted to have been involved in this project and to have helped so many disadvantaged people.”

Luke added: “RE:ACT continues to strengthen its presence within the UK Voluntary & Community Sector. We have hired our first Regional Leaders, and more people will be joining the team in the weeks to come. We know that the amazing professional skills and experience of our highly motivated volunteers are prized by all our beneficiaries, including Fareshare South West. We are determined to offer this same level of service everywhere in the UK soon, and we are rolling out our regional strengthening programme across mainland Britain right now.”