BAE Systems partners with REACT to strengthen UK flood response

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Posted by Laura Butlin 27th December 2023 News

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BAE Systems has today proudly announced its partnership with REACT Disaster Response. The aerospace and defence company has taken a proactive step by fully funding REACT's £30,000 UK Flood Appeal, marking a crucial initiative to empower the charity in recruiting, training, and equipping teams of volunteer flood responders across the country.

As the threat of flooding looms over more than 5 million British homes this winter, BAE Systems recognises the escalating dangers posed by heavy rain, overflowing rivers, and sea surges over the past decade. The resultant surge in humanitarian needs has left homes ruined, lives disrupted, and communities in disarray.

The substantial donation from BAE Systems will give rise to four specialised teams of flood responders, capable of swiftly entering affected areas and orchestrating the relocation of those imperiled. Beyond immediate rescue operations, these teams will also offer crucial information and welfare support to affected communities. Equipped with a range of tactical gear, including protective and thermal clothing, floatation devices, throwlines, and inflatable rafts, these Responders are poised to make a profound impact in disaster-stricken areas.

Founded in 2015, REACT operates both in the UK and abroad, boasting a unique approach to disaster response by harnessing the skills and experience of military veterans. These dedicated volunteers undergo specialised training to transform their military and civilian expertise into a formidable force for disaster response. REACT's teams stand ready to identify and address critical needs, providing rapid assistance to individuals and communities grappling with sudden or unexpected events.

"We’re proud to partner with REACT to help extend its nationwide network of flood responders. With almost half of REACT’s volunteers being military veterans who are selflessly giving back to their country for a second time, this funding supports both our armed forces community and local communities where our people live and work across the country." says Gabby Costigan, Group Managing Director Business Development at BAE Systems.

Expressing gratitude for BAE Systems' generous contribution, Toby Wicks, CEO of REACT Disaster Response, acknowledges the transformative impact this funding will have on their flood response capabilities. "We’re incredibly grateful to BAE Systems for its generous donation to support REACT's flood response ambitions. This new funding allows REACT to establish its first UK flood response capability, having a game-changing impact on our ability to support emergency services when flooding strikes. With BAE Systems’ backing, we’re able to train and equip teams of REACT flood responders to support communities across the UK when they need it most. Thank you."

BAE Systems and REACT's partnership exemplifies the convergence of corporate responsibility and humanitarian action, illustrating how the fusion of military expertise and corporate support can create a formidable force for good in the face of natural disasters. This collaboration not only strengthens the UK's resilience against flooding but also underscores the pivotal role that private enterprises can play in addressing pressing global challenges.