Is volunteering for REACT right for you?

Ten questions to ask yourself to see if volunteering for REACT is for you:

  1. Do I wholeheartedly believe in REACT’s values and am I a true humanitarian?

  2. Am I willing and able to commit at least 14 days a year to volunteering?

  3. Am I willing to learn new skills?

  4. Am I willing to be a supportive member of a diverse team and take instructions?

  5. Am I a UK citizen, a member of the EU with pre-settled or settled status or have a visa that permits me to volunteer in the UK?

  6. Do I hold a valid driving licence?

  7. Am I in good physical* and mental health and able to work in stressful situations?

  8. Do I have great communication skills and empathy for others?

  9. Can I confidently use a smartphone, apps and Microsoft Office?

  10. Am I able to train over a long weekend, involving camping out in rural Wiltshire?

If you answered yes to all the above, you sound like an ideal candidate. The next steps are to sign up for our volunteer portal and undertake our Foundation Training. This online training is packed full of information about REACT and how we work. It will take about 3 hours, but you can complete it in sections - you don't have to do it all in one go.

You will then be asked to book a short informal online interview with a Regional Manager, followed by a half-day virtual online Assessment Centre. This is so we can meet you and ensure you are a great fit for REACT, and so that you have all the information you need.  We want to ensure the best chance of success on your journey to become a REACT Responder.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


To join our team of volunteers, click to register and take our foundation course

Didn’t answer yes to all the questions?  Why not join our community of fundraisers and support our work?  We’d love to hear from you on [email protected]

*Our responders should be able to walk 10,000 steps a day carrying at 5 kg load as a minimum. They will also need to be able to manual handle loads of up to 13 kg.  If you want to volunteer internationally, you will need to be able to walk 24,000 steps per day carrying 20 kg in weight over rough terrain.