UK Operations course sees 27 new volunteers put to the test in freezing conditions

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Posted by Laura Butlin 29th November 2023 News

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In a testament to their unwavering commitment, 27 volunteers weathered the cold and successfully completed REACT Disaster Response's rigorous 3-day UK Operations course. Held at the organisation's headquarters in Chilmark, Wiltshire, this intensive training marked a pivotal step for these dedicated volunteers on their journey to becoming certified UK Responders.

Despite the biting cold, the volunteers showcased resilience, determination, and a shared passion for making a difference in times of crisis. The comprehensive course covered a multitude of skills vital for effective disaster response, ranging from first aid and logistical coordination to on-the-ground crisis management.

The success of these volunteers underscores their preparedness to navigate the unpredictable and often harsh conditions that may arise during disaster situations. As they complete the training, these newly minted UK Responders stand ready to contribute their expertise and compassion to communities in need across the United Kingdom, as and when the need arises.

The REACT Disaster Response team applauds their achievement. It anticipates the positive impact these individuals will undoubtedly bring to future operations, embodying the organisation's core values of readiness, effectiveness, and unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes.