31 Volunteer Responders Complete Latest UK Operations Course

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Posted by Laura Butlin 22nd April 2024 News

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In a testament to preparedness and resilience, REACT Disaster Response celebrated the successful completion of its latest UK Operations course, held at its headquarters in Chilmark, near Salisbury. Thirty-one individuals emerged from the rigorous training program, equipped with skills and knowledge vital for effective disaster response.

The course covered a wide array of critical areas including emergency preparedness, search and rescue techniques, medical assistance, and logistical coordination. Participants underwent intensive simulations and practical exercises, replicating real-life scenarios to ensure readiness for any eventuality.

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The 31 Responders who completed their UK Operations training this weekend.

Our Responder volunteers receive intensive training to react to emergencies and disasters here in the UK and internationally. Examples of our UK work include assisting in flooded areas, welfare checks following storm-related power outages and helping to support the NHS during periods of unusual pressure. Our international work can involve helping people affected by earthquakes or tsunamis, getting aid to people in hard-to-reach places, enabling people to access clean drinking water and much more. 

Many of our Responders are veterans or have worked in blue light services because their skills suit this type of role, but we welcome people from all backgrounds.

If you are interested in becoming a Responder, click here to find out whether it's for you.