Our Impact

For every pound donated, 68p was used to fund our humanitarian work. This includes assisting communities affected by disaster in the UK and internationally, resilience building work with at risk communities, and training our volunteer Responders so they’re ready to react at a moment’s notice. The remaining 32p helps us to raise the next pound.

Thanks to our generous supporters, last year we trained 153 skilled Responders, ready to take humanitarian action at a moment’s notice. Our teams deployed in response to 45 incidents and supported 361,270 vulnerable people in affected communities.

The proportion of donations available for humanitarian response reduced from 2020/21 because RE:ACT is in a growth phase. We’re investing in new colleagues and building our fundraising activities to power our ambition to be able to respond to more disasters, and this means our expenditure has grown.

We don’t include our trading activities in this calculation, as our commercial subsidiary operates like other businesses, raising funds by generating profit from service contracts. Keeping these figures separate allows our donors to see the true impact of their donation.

Your continued support ensures that we can provide rapid humanitarian action to the most vulnerable and hardest to reach. Thank you.

Volunteer Engagement Survey

The RE:ACT Volunteer Engagement Survey is an opportunity for us to learn more about our volunteers and how we can improve. The survey aims to understand the impact of volunteering with RE:ACT, and learn more about the activities, training, communication and support we provide.

This report provides a summary of the findings from our Volunteer Engagement Survey conducted in May 2021, based on 299 respondents.

Download the Volunteer Engagement Survey Report:

RE:ACT Volunteer Engagement Survey Report 2020/21

Your support makes a huge difference.